The Beginning



1 July 2030


Author Pov

07.00 Am at house

Professor Yonghwa move his body and hugged his wife from behind. slowly he open his eyes and watch his wife..

Yonghwa:”morning, sunshine” while he kiss her forehead.

but his wife only move a little bit and not open her eyes.

Yonghwa repeat his words..

Yonghwa:”morning, my jagiya shin hye” while he kiss her cheek.

but she just still close her eyes..

Yonghwa pov:”hmm. it’s look like I must do something to make her wake up”

Yonghwa begin to tickle shin hye. slowly she move and open her eyes. yonghwa continue to tickle his wife..

shin hye tickle back her husband..but after a while she give up.

shin hye:”I give up, Yong, I give up”

Yonghwa:”that’s my punish to not get up early and prepare for my breakfast and this too..” while he said that, he pull shin hye body and kiss her lips.

shin hye open her mouth and yonghwa enter his tongue. they enjoy their kiss in the morning. but suddenly they stop their kiss, when the little angel is came to their room..

Shin hye get up from the bed and approached her daughter, Jingyi..

Jingyi:”mom, I’m Hungry??”

Shin hye hold her daughter:”omo, jingyi. let’s go to the kitchen” while she glanced a little to yonghwa. yonghwa just look at her with smile.

while his wife go to the kitchen, yonghwa open the window of his room and smell the fresh air. the sun was brightly while the bird is chirp.

Yonghwa:”ahhhh. it’s good day, I think”

after 15 minutes, he start to take a bath. while he wipe his body with towel. his wife is coming..

Shin hye:”yong, the breakfast is ready”

Yonghwa shouted from the bathroom:”okey, honey. just wait for the minutes”

shin hye begin to tidy up their bed. while she tidy, yonghwa came from bathroom and hugged his wife from behind…

Yonghwa:”I Love you. I always never tired to say that word”

Shin hye turn her body and kiss his husband on his lips. after kiss, she hugged her husband..

Shin hye:”I love you too, yong. I love you too”

Yonghwa push slowly shin hye body and stare at her..

Yonghwa:”never I expected will have you in my life.but I always thank God cause have send you in my life. My life has complete with you and our children”

shin hye:”me, too. I’m very proud, cause you are perfect husband for me and for our children”

yonghwa hugged his wife back while he caressing her hair..suddenly the clock alarm is rang and disturb the two people love..

yonghwa turn off the alarm, while shin hye continue to tidy up their bed. yonghwa take his clothes and his long short and wear it.

Yonghwa ask:”have you call jung ho last night??”

shin hye:”yes, yong”. she approached her husband after tidy up their bed and help him with his tie.

Yonghwa:”when he will back from busan??”

Shin hye:he said three days from now he will come home”

Yonghwa:”oh. by the way, I’m sorry because I can’t go with you to Your parent house in busan”

shin hye: it’s ok yonghwa, I understand with your job in college and government” while she smile sweetly at him.

after she finish to help her husband, shin hye go back to the kitchen. while yonghwa prepare his lecture book.

after that he come to the kitchen and take breakfast..

Yonghwa:”when you will go to your parent home??”

shin hye:”This morning, after I wash the clothes and clean the house”

Jingyi:”mom, where is my doll, I don’t see it??”

shin hye go and looking for her daughter doll..

Shin hye:”here your doll” jingyi hold her doll and smile to her mother..

Jingyi:”thank you mother”

shin hye kiss her daughter cheek and watch jingyi when she play with her doll.

after yonghwa finish his breakfast. he approached his daughter..

Yonghwa:”hello little angel, how are you today??”

jingyi look at her dad and hugged him..

Jingyi:”I’m fine dad. do you know my doll is name??”

Yonghwa:”no, I don’t know. can you tell me, who it’s name??”

Jingyi:” her name is pinky” while she hold her doll.

Yonghwa:”good name jingyi” while he look at his watch..

Yonghwa:”jingyi, dad must go to work now” while he kiss jingyi on her cheek and jingyi kiss him too

Jingyi:”bye dad”

yonghwa approached his wife and kiss her forehead..

Yonghwa:”send my greatful to your parents. and tell them that I can’t go because of my job” while he walk to the front door and was follow by his wife.

Shin hye:”I will tell them. don’t worry about us, we’ll be fine. just concentrate with your work”

yonghwa find the garage and take in to his car.

Yonghwa:”I will call you this evening”

Shin hye:”ne”

Yonghwa:”bye, shin hye” while he waving his hand to shin hye.

Shin hye:”bye too yonghwa” while she waving back to her husband.

Jung Yong hwa has married with Park Shin hye in 15 years. they have two children. their name is jungho and jingyi. jung ho now is 14 years old and jingyi is 2 Years old. they are very happy with their life. yonghwa have work as a lecturer in one university in seoul while shin hye work as a doctor in seoul. she just take off from her work in three days to visit her parents in busan.

08.15 Am. at University..

Yonghwa reach the gate of university. the guard see him.

Yonghwa:”good morning” while he turn down the window of his car.

The guard:”oh, Prof Yonghwa. Mianhe, if I don’t recognize you” while he open the gate.

Yonghwa:”it’s fine. I’ll go now” while he go with his car.

after he reach the parking area. he goes to his room and prepare his lecture. 15 minutes later he come to the room where his student college is in there..

Yonghwa begin his lesson about the earthquake..

30 minutes later…

Yonghwa:”the earthquake can’t be detection, when it will coming. but we can reduce the victim by know the way safety when the earthquake is happen”

suddenly something happen…

he feel the places is tremor. the lamp in the room is swing slowly.

the college student start to panic :”the earthquake..the earthquake”

Yonghwa:”stay calm..stay calm..don’t panic” while he hang on the table.

but the tremor is getting bigger and the college student start to run out of the room..

yonghwa help his college student go out. when all of them has go out. the tremor of earthquake is stop..

the building of the university just have little damage from the earthquake..

yonghwa call his friend, Professor jonghyun..he work in the disaster departement..

Yonghwa:”jonghyun. do you know the earthquake is happen just few minutes ago”

Jonghyun:”ne, yonghwa. the seismograf of the earthquake is note that magnitude of earthquake is 6,1 Scale richter”

Yonghwa:”do you know where is the center of episentrum??”

Jonghyun:”ne, is from the ocean. but don’t worry, the magnitude is low, so the tsunami will not happen”

Yonghwa:”thanks for your information”

Jonghyun:”You’re welcome”

yonghwa continue the information to all people in the university..

after that, suddenly. his friend, DR. jungshin is calling him..

Yonghwa:”how are you jungshin. in antartica?? “

Jungshin:”I’m fine, thanks. there is something I want to show you. I will send by email”

yonghwa open his laptop. after connecting with internet, he open his email and saw something that make him shock..

Yonghwa:”Oh My God”

Chapter one I has finished..

Comment guys for next chapter..

Gomawo for your attention..

mianhe for the short chapter and wrong grammar..



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