Where Are You Shin Hye ?


yonghwa open his laptop. after connecting with internet, he open his email and saw something that make him shock..



Yonghwa:”Oh My God”



he saw the path of moving land is across seoul and busan. and the moving path is begin.



Jungshin:” 20 minutes ago, there is earthquake on this places and the earthquake is comes



from our path. after earthquake, I check if this earthquake can make the path is moving and created the bigger earthquake on the path. the path is across seoul and busan”



Yonghwa is silent..



Yonghwa:”are you sure about this??”



Jungshin:”very sure, this will happen. I have study about earthquake 25 years and learn about the path of earthquake.my prediction is never failed”



Yonghwa:”and when that earthquake will happen??”



Jungshin:”my prediction the earthquake will happen in just five or six days from now. but it’s depend on that moving path. I will inform you about that”



Yonghwa:”okey. jungshin” and the connection is lost..



suddenly his friend min hyuk is call him..



Minh yuk:”yonghwa, there is some picture from satelite I send to you email”



Yonghwa:”wait, I will open my email first”



Yonghwa:”I has saw the picture”



Min hyuk:”do you see the cloud is close all busan and make a hole??”



Yonghwa:”yes. oh my god. when the cold storm will happen??”



Min hyuk:”will happen in one or two days from now. but I hope the circle of the storm is not to wide”



Yonghwa:”thanks for your information min hyuk, call me for next progress of cold storm”



min hyuk:”ne”



after that, yonghwa go to his car. while he go to his house he try to contact his wife shin hye..



yonghwa:”c’mmon shin. pick up your phone…



but there is no answer from his wife..



after 30 minutes, he arrive to his house and he saw that shin hye car is not in there..yonghwa start to worried..



Yonghwa Pov:”where are you shin??”



he try to contact shin hye parents, but the connection is lost..he try to contact shin hye work…



“yeobseyo” the nurse is pick up yonghwa call..



Yonghwa:”is Mrs Park shin hye go to her work place today??”



The Nurse:”no, sir. she is take off from her work for 3 days. can I know who is speaking??”



Yonghwa:”I am her husband”



The nurse:”oh, Mr. Yonghwa. I’m sorry not recognise you”



Yonghwa:”it’s okey. please call me if she go to her work”



The nurse:”yes, Mr. Yonghwa. I will”



he very worried to shin hye and decided to follow her to busan..



he take some clothes, take it to his bag and lock his house..



Yonghwa Pov:”where are you shin. please answer my phone”


Chapter Two has finished..

Comment guys for next chapter..

Gomawo for your attention..

mianhe for the short chapter and wrong grammar..




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