Missing Shin Hye


when Yonghwa has take almost half from his way to Busan, suddenly some people stop his car….

Yonghwa:”hei, let me go away. I must go to Busan for searching my wife and my daughter”

The old man:”I’m sorry. we can’t let you go, because the land is avalanche and close the road cause the eartquake”

Yonghwa just hopeless, he look sad.

Yonghwa:”is there any other road to go to busan beside this road??”

The police:”no, sir. only this road the way to busan”

Yonghwa:”when the road will open again??”

The Police:”we don’t know sir. today the Bulldozer and other heavy equipment will work to clean the road”

Yonghwa:”Can I have your handphone number?? I will phone you in one or two days for know if the road has clean, so I can pass the road”

The police:”yes, you can. here my number” then he give his number to Prof yonghwa.

Yonghwa:”thank You Mr…”

The Police:”Taeyang…My name is taeyang”

Yonghwa:”ok, Mr. Taeyang. Thank you so much. oh, by the way. my name is Yonghwa, Jung Yonghwa”

The police is look suprise..

The police:”oh, I know you. You are Yonghwa who is written about The Eartquake and Tsuriname. I have read your book. Your book is good and teach us to know about the impact of earthquake and what we must do when the eartquake is happen”

Yonghwa:”oh, I appreciate with your opinion. Thanks because has read my book. by the way I must go now if you don’t mind”

The police:”sure, I will inform you if the road has clean”

Yonghwa turn his car and back to seoul. he decided to go to disaster department..

he very worried about his wife shin hye and his little angel Jing yi. but the most important things must he do it. that is to inform the president and the other minister about this disaster. but before that, he must get more information to prove that the disaster must happen..

after one hour, he arrive at disaster department..

jong hyun and other staff has approach him..

Yonghwa:”how are you?? I hope all of you is okey”

Jonghyun:”ne, I and the other just fine. but I see your eyes is sad. is there something happen yonghwa??”

Yonghwa:”shin hye told me this morning that she will go to busan for visit her parents and our son Jung ho. but after earthquake, I try to contact them. but shin hye not pick up my phone. I’m very worried to them. I’m afraid that something will happen to them”

Jonghyun:”have you contact to shin hye parents??and why you not follow them to busan??”

Yonghwa:”yes, I have contact her parents but they told me that shin hye has not arrive on there. I has follow them until almost half the way to busan. but the land is avalanche and close all the road to busan. so I go back to here”

Jonghyun:”I understand that. I hope your wife and your daughter will be just fine”

Yonghwa:”I hope too, Jonghyun. ah, is there more information about the disaster from jungshin and minhyuk??”

Jonghyun:”no, yonghwa”

Yonghwa:”oh, I will go inside my room now”


Yonghwa go to his room and sit. but his mind still thinking about his wife and his little angel. he try to contact shin hye, but she still not pick up his phone”

the time has pass. the night is come..

Jonghyun has come to Prof yonghwa room..yonghwa look weak and his face is little pale.

Jonghyun:”yonghwa, is there any progress from your wife and your daughter??”

Yonghwa:”no” he tone is like he just hopeless..

Jonghyun:”yonghwa, I hear you like hopeless. don’t be like that yong. you must be strong and don’t lose faith and hope that you wife will be safe. I suggest you need to go home and take a rest for one or two hours. I will wake up you if there is new information from your wife or the disaster”

Yonghwa just nodded his head and stand up..

Yonghwa:”I will go home now” while he walk slowly to his car.

jonghyun just saw him with pity…

after 15 minutes, He arrive to his home and try to sleep. but he very restless.

Yonghwa Pov:”where are you my wife and my little angel?? I miss both of you. don’t leave me alone” while he cry…

after half an hour, finally he can sleep too…


Chapter Three has finished..

Comment guys for next chapter..

Gomawo for your attention..

mianhe for the short chapter and wrong grammar..


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